Improvised DJ set with 2 vinyl turntables, one tape player and one CD player …. I recently came back from tour and a friend was staying at my place in Brussels while I was not there, when I came back I saw that he listened to some of my vinyls and they were still out of the shelf on the table, one was the split by Felix Kubin and Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg on 90% Wasser and another one was a Sutcliffe Jügend LP. I came back from this tour with some new tapes and vinyls, I played one of them, the LP by Vincent Malassis, and actually just played the Sutcliffe Jügend at the same time because it was there. Really enjoyed this mix so I grabbed the recorder and recorded this one here, by basically mixing the tapes I brought back from the tour and also tapes and cd’s people traded/gave me while on various previous tours (there is an amount of indonesian productions here) and on top of that grabbing vinyls and tapes in the shelf in front of me … so that’s a 4-sources dj set 100% spontaneously improvised … it features sounds by (not in that order) : DITTERICH VON EULER-DONNERSPERG / MAHAMBORO / CONTAGIOUS ORGASM / PAUL GRÉMARE / VINCENT MALASSIS / COLUMN ONE / BCG / JOKE LANZ / MOINEAU ECARLATE / ECOUTE LA MERDE / AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF / B°TONG / ARNO BRUIL / JERITAN / COFFEE FAITH / SS MYLITTA / MADE DHARMA / PAUL BEAUCHAMP / EDUARD ARTEMIEV / RINUS VAN ALEBEEK / KALLABRIS / BROUCE TÉTARETTE & ETATS GRIPPAUX / SHE WILL BE BEAUTIFUL / POLEMIK VICTOR / AYMERIC DE TAPOL / BAND OF PAIN / SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND / FRANS DE WAARD EN ROEL MELKOOP / KÖHN & PIMMON / FELIX KUBIN

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    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: Dm
    • Earth
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