Marcelo Records proudly presents the Polé Polé Festival Anthem of 2014 by Turntable Dubbers feat. Roland Richards & Jesus De Tchango!

For 15 years Polé Polé Festival has been taking you to a place where there's sunshine, smiling faces & feel good party vibes.
To honour the festival that has welcomed Turntable Dubbers so warmly those past years, the Antwerp duo teamed up with vocalists Roland Richards (Lift Your Leg Up / Zookey) & Jesus De Tchango (Staff des Leaders) for a track aimed at catching that Polé Polé vibe to the fullest.

Polé Polé is all about the exotic mix of Africa and South America. This track catches that exotic melt pot exactly!
The caribbean vibe of Mr. Richards and the steel drums riff go along nicely with the African rhythms, guitars and vocals by the main man of "Staff the Leaders".

So get on the dance floor and let the music work its magic.

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