DJ under the alias "Turbulence" for 140s & DnB and "TUBERCULOSIS" for all the faster crazier gabbery stuff and this is my Fractal competition entry mix. Kind of broke the rules a little and overran the half hour mark by 15 mins but literally couldn't cram it all into 30 mins but trust me it's worth it. Hope you all enjoy. FRACTAL!!!

(Mixed using Pioneer SB2 controller & TRAKTOR software)

    2:20   FuntCase - Predator
    4:20   Yatz - Spitting Blood
    7:40   The Satan - Psycho
    13:40   Satan - Meat
    23:00   Satan - Get This
    27:20   Dr. Bibberrr - Waaawulawala
    34:20   Northern Lights - Don't Stop
    39:00   Excision & Space Laces - Throwin' Elbows
    45:20   Petrol Bastard - What The Fuck Was In That Pill?

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