Profile description of Trypsin:

Born in Orlando, FL, Trypsin was raised and influenced by musically talented parents, exposing him at an early age to the rhythmic and exotic sounds of Latin music. He quickly grew a passion for ethnic melodies from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and various Latin American countries. He began playing different local events while still in high school, always experimenting with the music he brought to his audience, giving it a unique twist.

Trypsin became a resident DJ at the infamous Club at Firestone in 2003 as his remixes began spreading to DJs and dance clubs across the globe. He was awarded Orlando's #1 DJ in 2005. Most recently remixing under the name "The Virgo Brothers" alongside Andy Warren, the duo have cranked out numerous remixes, including Erin Hamilton's The Flame, Kristine W's The Power of Music, and others. They also produced one of Kristine's latest tracks "Grooves Inside Your Mind." Opening a studio in 2009, he's now fully channeled his energy back into the studio as a house remixer and pop producer.

Musical influences included Jody den Broeder, RedOne, Chris Cox, Barry Harris, Hex Hector, and Max Martin, among many others. Remixes are available for download across many online stores, including iTunes, PerfectBeat, Masterbeat, and Beatport.

"It's amazing to see what hours of work in the studio can do for a dance floor; those few minutes of uplifting and feel-good smiles from an audience in a club continue to fuel the passion I proudly hold for what I do everyday. Music is my language, and I'm ready to speak up." - Trypsin, 2010

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