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One of many rotation Resident DJs on Tampa Bays Longest running EDM program Zentripz Radio on 88.5FM WMNF-Tampa, Florida, Every Friday 12am to 4am

Zentripz Radio
bringing you the best in underground dance music ranging from Breakbeats, House, Dubstep, Trap, Bass, Jungle, Drum&Bass, Electro and more....

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ZentripZ has been bringing you the best in Underground Electronica & EDM for 19 years !!! Help us keep WMNF Community radio broadcasting commercial free radio and keep the underground alive on the FM dial .. you won't hear this music on any other FM station ..

Donate Online at: .. our show code is "Zen" any amount will help thank you for helping to keep the dream alive ~ — at WMNF Community radio.

If not Broadcasting, then im working on projects within my studio Repetitive Noise, Djing show at various booking, Promoting&Reviewing Special EDM events throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

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