These tracks were created as a result of unforgettable rencontre and the merge of two soles - of two minds!
Here you will witness the development of real feelings - you will hear the romantic story - that took place long ago - or - maybe - it is still not finished? So - it is for you to decide…»
The brilliant Russian singer - Evguenia Ratsouk - And the music producer from Paris - Philippe Di Mascio!
So - watch the fireworks of their collaboration - and hear «The Sound of Love»!

"The Sound Of Love" enlarges; Flory Ann and Renaud Hantson join us and will participate in the future creations of this collection.

Vocals, lyrics : Evguenia Ratsouk, Flory Ann, Renaud Hantson
Music, production : Philippe Di Mascio
Copyrights: Sacem

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