Welcome back to The Poeticast, after a fortnight hiatus we return with some absolute fire this week. As the summer comes to a close, a summer in which Podcast seen some superb Guest Mixes from some of the biggest rising talent in the Techno stratosphere.

We decided to bid farewell with a show packed full of some of the best Techno bombs in the past month or so.

Tracks from the likes of Johannes Heil, Markus Suckut, Perc, Dax J, Ricardo Garduno, Stanislav Tolkachev, Shekon, Jonas Kopp, Roman Poncet, Tensal, Energun, Kessel, Flug, Truncate, P.E.A.R.L, Setoac Mass plus many more feature.

Labels featured include Delsin, Exile, Flash, Northern Electronics, Off White, Sleaze, Klockworks, Figure, Blueprint LTD, Tresor, Matter, 47, plus a plethora of others.

As ever The Poeticast has a substantial roster of Guest Mixes from some of the most exciting Techno artists in the forthcoming run up to the festive period, so stay tuned for some of the most exclusive Techno mixes through the various outlets.

Varg - Her Russian Eye Is Underlined For Emphasis //Northern Electronics
Stanislav Tolkachev - In The Eyes Of The Artificial Sun //Semantica
Ben Gibson - Gun With Hand //Tsunami
Rod - Screw Democracy //Klockworks
Kolde - Vision 8 (Roman Poncet Remix) //Kolde
Architectural - Individual //Granulart
Ctrls - Onto Them //Token
Tensal - Dogma 1 //Tensal
Jeff Rushin - Enigma //Mote Evolver
P.E.A.R.L - Vortex //47
Eduardo De La Calle - The Solution //Analog Solutions
Setaoc Mass - M1 //SK_Eleven
Artefakt - From Our Minds To Yours //Delsin
Jamie Haus - Axid //Off White
Gemini Voice Archive - Absoluto Disparate //Soma
Ricardo Garduno - Will All Be Gone //Illegal Alien
Juan Sanchez - Exceed (Flug Remix) //Quant
Johannes Heil - Kykeon I //Figure
Progression - The Coriolis Effect //Blueprint LTD
Oscar Mulero - Rotula (Truncate Remix) //Modularz
Ricardo Garduno & Submerge - Limited Options //Sleaze
Jonas Kopp - Khaa //Tresor
Dax J - Kill False Prophets //EarToGround Records
Perc - Gruel //Perc Trax
DJ Hyperactive - 303.1 //4-Track Recordings
Kessel - Emerging Organisms //Granulat
Energun - Center //Energun
Niereich and XHEI - Acid Rain //AFU Limited
Roman Lindau - Blue Jive //Matter
XHEI - InterView //NewRhythmic
Shekon - Wraith //Flash
Johannes Heil and Markus Suckut - Exile 003 A //Exile
AnD - Valid Point //47



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