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    The Book Club Episode 2: Harry Chapin (4/17/16)

    The Book Club Episode 2: Harry Chapin (4/17/16) by thebookclub
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Have you ever heard a song or two from an artist and think to yourself, "Hey, I should check out more of their stuff?" On The Book Club, I spotlight artists, musical genres, albums and years of music, discover songs I had never heard before and give my opinions of the songs played. New episodes air weekly Sunday nights at 7 p.m. EST on m4bccradio.tk

    2:20   Harry Chapin - Taxi (LP Version)
    9:20   Harry Chapin - Sniper
    20:20   Harry Chapin - Sunday Morning Sunshine
    24:00   Harry Chapin - A Better Place To Be
    32:40   Harry Chapin - Mr. Tanner [Live 1975 Version]
    39:20   Harry Chapin - What Made America Famous?
    46:20   Harry Chapin - I Wanna Learn A Love Song
    50:40   Harry Chapin - Dreams Go By
    56:00   Harry Chapin - Dance Band On The Titanic
    1:01:20   Harry Chapin - Flowers Are Red
    1:06:20   Harry Chapin - Story Of A Life
    1:14:20   Harry Chapin - Cats In The Cradle

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