Nail fungal infection is visible if the toenails thicken and turn an unsightly color. It is an ugly infliction to your feet, and it can be quite embarrassing, especially when you have your toes exposed. There is a Greek article you may want to check, talking about θεραπεια με Vicks, which is an alternative to know medical solutions.

Usually, during the warm months, when you're able to wear open-toed sandals and slippers regularly, you take pains to be sure the feet are carefully cleaned and pedicured. So if you are attached to pretty shoes and peep-toed footwear, this condition helps keep you indulging yourself.

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By softly rubbing Vicks about the infected region, the toenail fungus will start to go away slowly. The natural antiseptic kills the bacteria ideally located at the toenail fungus and heals the problem. The infected person needs to apply the Vicks remedy often the whole day until the issue disappears.

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