THE WIZARD DK - DragonFlight Of Trancetasy 05(The Dark Side Darth Vader)

Jingles by:

Star Wars The Force Awakens,Space Baby,Star Wars.
The Power Of A Dark Side,Shadow People,Swing Wars,Shadow Of The Day.
Little Jesus,Android 17,Human Testing,Earth Destruction,Universe Or Multiverse.
Darth Vader,The Darkside,Master Of The Universe.
Nanobot,Androids,The Imperial March,Hale Bopp,Celestial Harmonies.
I´ve Seen The Universe,We Are The Anonymous Gods In The Dark,God is a Dj.

01 Daniel Ciurlizza-Star Wars The Force Awakens(Reimagined)[Outlier Studios]
02 Miranda-Space Baby(Original Mix)[MASH Records]
03 GMS vs.Systembusters-Star Wars[Spun Records]
04 Brain 5-The Power Of A Dark Side(Plasma Mix)[Manifold Music]
05 Siddharth Kaushik-Shadow People(Original Mix)[Okami Records]
06 Phil Mac-Swing Wars(Star Wars Cantina Band Remix)[SoundCloud]
07 Linkin Park-Shadow Of The Day(Blake Jarrell Remix)[SoundCloud]
08 Luke Skywalker-Little Jesus(Disco 2000 Mix)[Maad Records]
09 Carlos Martz-Android 17(Original Mix)[ARD023]
10 Tydal-Human Testing(Original Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
11 Dawid Jurzyk-Earth Destruction(Jens Jakob Remix)[Unique Sound Records]
12 Lost In Space-Universe Or Multiverse[Alien Records]
13 Reza Golroo-Darth Vader(Original Mix)[POOLSIDE X]
14 Hypetraxx-The Darkside(Dj Mix)[Emi Music]
15 Robert Vadney-Master Of The Universe(THE WIZARD DK Greyskull DragonFlight 2019)[Pulsar Dark Recordings]
16 HEINRICH & HEINE-Nanobot(Tash Remix)[Amber Blue Recordings]
17 Technossomy-Androids[Distance Records]
18 D.V.-The Imperial March(Larry Limit Remix)[Orbit Records]
19 Der Dritte Raum-Hale Bopp(Original Mix)[Additive]
20 Cosmic Baby-Celestial Harmonies[Logic Records]
21 Fungus Funk-I´ve Seen The Universe[Green Wizards Records]
22 THE WIZARD DK vs.TRIPNOSIS-We Are The Anonymous Gods In The Dark(THE WIZARD DK Nuke DK Mashup)
23 Faithless-God is a Dj(Stoned Sun RMX)[2007 Unreleased]

i hope it takes you to the Dark side ^_^

Promised fulfilled Lance ;)
couple of years later. but whos counting right :)
time has no meaning in space.its manmade.



    Psytrance, Melodic Techno, Trance, Psychedelic, Progessive
    • Version: 05
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 140 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Share Alike
    • Death Star
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