Pandemic (bonus track)

hifi signature recording by Anthony Michaelides

A production of the small project studio

Copyright Anthony Michaelides March 2020

the small project studio proudly present you ''pandemic'' as bonus track

A unique soundtrack with atmospheric pads and synthetic sounds, piano, atmospheric vocals blended with special sfx's

Only a very special analog style mastering vst plugin compressor have been used on this track with some precise settings for the attack and release times for a subtle compression with only two db's of gain reduction on the whole final mix for some ''analog like warmness and saturation'' and a vst mastering limiter with a ceiling of -3.0 db's

Mastered and dithered as wave file @ 24 bits 44. 1 khz and uploaded as mp3 fle @ 320 kbps cbr 44.1 khz with max sound level of -3.0 db's (dbfs)

Please, do not expect loud sound that can shake your room from our recordings

Uploaded March 21, 2020

Thanks for listening

the small project studio
Anthony Michaelides

    Soundtrack, Piano, Atmospheric, Cinematic
    • Type: Original
    • © All rights reserved
    • Cyprus
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