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    Ze Roberto Bertami

    Ze Roberto Bertami  by Mark GV Taylor / La Homage
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Sadly Jose Roberto Bertrami of Brazilian group Azimuth / Azymuth passed away on Sunday 8th July 2012.

Azimuth were for me the first Brazilian group I'd heard that blew me away musically.
Having purchased their first American release for Milestone Records, 'Light As A Feather' (due to the club hit "Jazz Carnival") back in 1979.
Note the different spellings of the band name, as they started out with Azimuth and later on for America changed to Azymuth.

The wonderful music on this Milestone release gave me a desire to seek out more jazz based music with a Brazilian theme, and over the coming years led me to discover a rich and diverse culture of beautiful music from the lands of Brazil.
This mix of tracks selected from my collection are numbers Ze Roberto made in the pre-Azimuth days (some of which are still with Alex & Mamao, but before they became know as Azimuth), as well as Azimuth band tracks, and also music Jose did for other artists as a guest musician, or as arranger on tracks.
Thanks go out to: Alex & Mamao, Joe (Far Out), Simone, Paulo, Walba, Bruno, Adrian, K54, Marcello MBgroove...

    9:00   Paulo Diniz - Baião
    45:20   Azambuja & Cia - Tema de Azambuja
    46:20   Cia - Tema Do Azambuja
    52:00   Brazilian beats brooklyn - A festa
    58:00   Azymuth - Mimosa
    1:04:40   Azymuth - Circo Marimbondo
    1:15:20   Azymuth - Morning

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