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In 1998 Stargazer Music started to produce Chill Out and Lounge Music. Meanwhile there are more than 150 songs available on different compilations all over the world. The most successful titles "Eastend" and "Slomotion" came into existence in close collaboration with the Saxophone player Johannes Leis ( France ). These titles and even most of the other lounge tracks are published under the project name STARGAZER.
For variable justified genres the musician and producer Volker Förster requires different project names which are: Stargazer (Lounge with Saxophone), Frame by Frame (Worldmusic) - Velvet Birds (Mediterranean) - Yantra Mantra (Asia Style) - By the Way (Vocal Lounge) – C.A.V.O.K (Chill out)
Songs produced by Stargazer Music can be found on famous compilations like Bar Lounge Classics, Erotic Lounge, Sylt Vol. 1-8, on many other different albums published by Electric Lounge, Diventa Music, Tyranno Lounge and Ecstasy Records.

    0:00   Yantra Mantra - The Ceremony Pt. 1
    2:00   Frame by Frame - Hawa Mahal
    4:40   Yantra Mantra - Procalamtion
    7:00   Yantra Mantra - Borderland
    9:00   Yantra Mantra - Pink City
    12:40   Yantra Mantra - Samadhi
    14:40   Yantra Mantra - Raga Prana
    17:00   Yantra Mantra - Trishna
    20:00   Yantra Mantra - Raga Sundara
    22:20   Yantra Mantra - Ndalada
    24:20   Yantra Mantra - Mangalacharana
    27:00   Yantra Mantra - Pranayama

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