Profile description of Tarun Kanojia:

I started playing guitar at a young age but never really progressed further once I started singing and playing the guitar together. I gave up all ambition to learn anything new as long as I was comfortable strumming and singing.
But as they say things change, people evolve, grow etc etc....
For the last couple of years I have been toying with the idea to go digital.
This year I got in to the world of digital music production with the acquisition of Studio One Artist Edition (the poor mans' DAW).
What you see on this page is a product of multiple plateforms, softwares, techniques and sometimes just pure guitar and voice.

As for tools, I use Studio One Artist, Garage Band on my iPAD, Memo Musicale for quick recordings on the guitar and voice, I also use a lot of online tools like,,,,,

I have tried my hands on Traxion as an alternative DAW as well but have decided to stick to StudioOne for now owing to its simplicity of use and my limited capacities to use an advanced DAW. Having tried my hands at trial versions of FL studio, Ableton, Audacity etc, I try to stay with simple tools for now.

Audio samples are souced largely free from the internet, from sites like Cymatics, Stickz, Functionloops, Noiiz and various others.

I am not a money making artisit, not an artist for that fact, I am just an expressionist trying to express my emotions with music. And I think I will continue doing it as long as I am able to...

If you like what you hear give me a thumbs up, share my music leave me a comment, follow me up on where ever you can if you want.

For the rest may the force be with you.....

    • 105 bpm
    • Key: B
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