1992...Yep, these are my first recordings ever. Talk about found in the vaults. These are some tunes that I had no idea what I was doing (who am I kidding, I STILL dont know what I am doing) but the thing is, I played every single instrument on these. These tracks were before any kind of automation "software" was available. No Ableton, no VST's, nodda. It's raw...and I LOL when I heard these. Terrible...Quality and Performance...lmao But wow, what memories. Funny thing is, I still to this day appreciate the style. And look what Electronic music now.
Recorded on a Yamaha SY77,Roland Juno 106 (man, I loved that synth),Boss Dr. Rhythm,Mackie CR. The bummer about this was the original was recorded on ADAT (God I feel old) which I recorded onto cassette. This tape has been through alot. Quality is terrible.
3 Songs on this first of two sessions.
1: An Asian Evening Interlude (New Age)
2: When in Doubt...(New Age)
3: Winter Reason (New Age)
4: The Wave (Electronic / Trance??)

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