Mondays 6-8pm CST

2 hours of Tech House.

Track Listing

1 Super Sound Bruv Super Sound
2 Fine Brandy (Original Club Mix) MIHI Fine Brandy
3 How To Listen To Music (Original Mix) Paul Sirrell Underground House Music
4 Baseline (Original Mix) Loulou Players, Classmatic Baseline
5 You, The People (Original Mix) James Hartnett You, The People EP
6 Frequency (Original Mix) Quality Cat, Bear Affair Summer Jams
7 Deck 9 (Original Mix) Carlo Riviera Deck 9
8 You Got Me Going Crazy (Original Mix) FeelGood You Got Me Going Crazy
9 B.A.S.E. Dimension (Original B.A.S.E Mix) Luca Colombo, Michael MC Base Dimension
10 Crazyness (Original Mix) Arel Yano Crazyness Tech House
11 Stage Dive (Original Mix) Joey Avila Hot Off the Grill, Vol. 1
12 Get On Da Floor (Original Mix) This Culture On My Mind/Get On Da Floor
13 Now Hear Dis (Original Mix) Paul Sirrell Underground House Music
14 On Repeat (Extended Mix) CASSIMM, LOV On Repeat
15 Lost In My House (Original Mix) Robric Lost In My House EP Tech House
16 Underground Vibe (Extended Mix) Mark Maxwell, Apollo Underground Vibe (Extended Mix)
17 Trombona (Original Mix) MoreCause Le Soleil EP
18 Somebody (Original Mix) 5prite Everybody/Somebody
19 Mourader (Original Mix) Leo Lacerda, DIAZ Mourader
20 You Want It (Sasa Di Toma Remix) COLLIN PRIEST, LucaJLove, Sasa Di Toma You Want It
21 Hot For You (Andre Salmon Remix) Tim Taylor, Andre Salmon Hot For You
22 Let's Talk (Original Mix) Abdel Karim, Arel Yano Let's Talk
23 Ubuntu (Original Mix) Ian Sound Ubuntu / Tech Dogs
24 Like That Dylan Debut Wrong Turn Tech House
25 Culo Clap (Extended Mix) Mike McFly Culo Clap EP
26 Want You (Original Mix) Marco Giannone Want You

    Tech-House, Beat Chemistry, Sugar Shack Radio
    • Type: DJ-Set
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