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Allow me to Introduce the first ever Lingala/Rhumba/Zouk mix. Part one of the mix has all the new Lingala tunes from award wining artists Koffi Olomide, Werason, Ferre Gola, Fally Ipupa, JB Mpiana, Extra Musica, Awillo Longomba and introducing new up and coming Artists like Fabregas, Kabosi Bulemba.
Part two of the Mix we slow it down with a Rhumba /Zouk mix paying Homage to the late great Papa Wemba.This Mix has the 'New age Rhumba' and Zouk. Press Play!!!

    2:00   Kabose Bulembi - Zakala aah
    5:20   ferre Gola - Tucheze
    9:20   JB Mpiana - Tetuka
    11:20   Koffi Olomidé - Tueur de lions
    14:00   Werrason - Yote
    17:40   F'Victeam - Libre parcours #2
    21:40   Fabregas Le Metis Noir - Chaud Partout
    25:20   Fabregas Le Metis Noir - Mascara
    29:20   Koffi Olomidé - Selfie
    31:20   ferre Gola - Boite noire
    44:20   Extra Musica - Kindoki
    47:40   Fally ipupa - Original
    49:00   P-Square feat. Awilo - EnemySolo
    52:20   Ferre Gola featuring Phil Darwin - Tsheke Le Pete
    55:40   Bebi Philip - On va piétiner
    57:00   Werrason - Block Cadenas

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