Podcast 16 comes from HAWKINSON, a friend of ours and a regular dj at our club.
When Techno essentially would be a big tree with branches like Minimal or Electro style then Hawkinson would be the trunk of that tree. While others have jumped on the bandwagons that have come and gone, Hawkinson knew from the first day where he belonged - simply techno. His first inspirations came from the same sources as for most guys in the business too - Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, New Order, Depeche Mode and Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb. And he has remained true to his inspirations.
Hawkinson also shows a deep respect for the DJ culture. "DJing was and still is composition for me. I have always loved taking on new challenges - to take two vinyls in my hand and create something new.''
Since 2001, he has played at various clubs in Berlin. And with his releases he displays the outcome of staying true to his passion. He knows what the crowd wants, what they need, and he knows where he belongs: to the trunk of the techno tree.

    • 127 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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