This is a MashUp, I once did during a live show, then again and again and again and now, I'm releasing it, so I don't have to play it anymore.. ;)

The first track, "OK" by "Okay" was actually the first track, I ever mixed in any way. Some time around 1989, aged 10, with a cassette deck and daddies old Led Zeppelin records.. ;)
Okay actually was a local project from where I live in germany, but I only found that out a few years ago, when I first revisited this... ;)

The second track is "Say Whoa" by the very well known canadian DJ and producer A-Trak, is an old battleweapon from 2008, I often use for beefing up older tracks in my mixes..

The third track is an excerpt from the "Wanted Compilation" by "Unknown", an oldschool bootleg NewBeat Mix from Belgium released on a whitelabel only in 1988.�...release/1576399

There is no copyright infringement intended! I urge everyone, who likes this, to buy the originals - I did so, at least...
If you're a legal rights owner and/or artist of one of these tracks and don't want this to be available on the internet, just tell me - I'll take it down in a sec.
I'm really a huge fan, not a pirate.. ;)

To be clear, since I already got asked: I NEITHER AM, NOR KNOW ANY OF THESE ARTISTS! I just know, love and recombined their music.. ;) I was 10, when "Okay" came out! ;D

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