On our first Friday in Berlin, I invited some old friends of my show. Some of the last, I've never met in real life, before: Nilsmusic and FefeTainment from Dudelsaladt came from Bremen to play a prepared liveset and have a lil talk.
I was pretty done after a week of Berlin and am not happy with my personal performance, but the guys carried my broken ass through the show in a way, only they could do.. ;)

The Liveset starts at Minute 14 before and after that we answer all the questions, you never had... ;)

Liveset only without any talking but with free download link:

Dudelsaladt @Youtube:

Dudelsaladt Wat Stoni Mohoni:

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    Dudelsaladt - Futeralisticzoundthereal
    Dudelsaladt - Der Springende Punkt
    Dudelsaladt - Sammersammerteiheim
    Dudelsaladt - Hintergrinsbrot
    Dudelsaladt - Woarp
    Dudelsaladt - Happy Dynamite
    Dudelsaladt - Knhartz
    Dudelsaladt - Oyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Dudelsaladt - Neegurke
    Dudelsaladt - Leberti44
    Dudelsaladt - Cdefgahc (feat. Martin Allison)
    Dudelsaladt - Nesselfaden
    Dudelsaladt - Unten
    Dudelsaladt - Radio (feat. (Tomitonal Large Timebomb)

    Electro, Techno, evosonic
    • Type: Live
    • 128 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Berlin, Deutschland
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