One for the weekend.. 🙂 A lil MashUp, I made for my set at the Zug der Liebe 2022.
The original version ends with a track I'm not allowed to upload to hearthis, so this version is ending early and way less cool than it used to.. 😢 I dunno where I could release the original version, so I guess you'll have to ask me? 😕

Early versions also contained a MashUp by Featurecast, I later replaced with the original tracks, re-using his idea of mixing Snap with Marten Hørger. All credits to him!

Tracks used:

  1. NASA Project - Dominator is Dead (buy :: listen)
  2. Snap - The Power (buy :: listen)
  3. Marten Horger & Neon Steve - We're Back (buy :: listen)
  4. Featurecast - Assault on Platform 13 (buy :: listen)

I'm not the composer nor legal rights owner of any of these tracks. I just mashed 'em together for your listening pleasures.. 😉
If you are the legal rights owner of any of these tracks and you're not okay with this, please just send me a short note and I'll take it offline faster than you can say "lawsuit"..😉
...Absolutely no harm intended - I'm a huge fan and owner of all three original tracks and I encourage you to buy them, too, since the are flippin awesome! 😄

Download enabled without having to trade in your firstborn. Likes and shares are still very much appreciated, though.. 😉 ❤️

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