Another MashUp that just "happened" while preparing a show....
It's Ponchmann's and Sandro Palazzo's fabulous "Navigate through Labyrinths" taken from their Album "Another Story Untold", enriched with the otherworldly beautiful voice of Andrea Castiano taken from KR3TURES Track "Lot Like You".

Tracks used:

  1. Ponchmann feat. Sandro Palazzo - Navigate Through Labyrinths [listen] / [buy]
  2. KR3TURE feat. Adrea Castiano - Lot Like You [listen] / [buy]

I'm not the composer nor legal rights owner of any of these tracks. I just mashed 'em together for your listening pleasures.. 😉
If you are the legal rights owner of any of these tracks and you're not okay with this, please just send me a short note and I'll take it offline faster than you can say "lawsuit"..😉
...Absolutely no harm intended - I'm a huge fan and owner of all five original tracks and I encourage you to buy them, too, since the are flippin awesome! 😄

Download enabled without having to trade in your firstborn. Likes and shares are still very much appreciated, though.. 😉 ❤️

    Downtempo, Breaks, Mashup, Eclectix
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