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This Week Steve WIlliams arrives at the studio with a big box of vinyl for a jazz fusion exploration. Pushing aside all the new releases this time to delve into such wonders as Tom Grant, Moutin Reunion Quartet, Sonny Red, Gal Costa, Lani Hall, Cleveland Eaton, Bora Roković, Mike Lundy, Janko Nilović and Chicago Underground Duo. Why not join Steve, but remember to bring biscuits... Catch the next 'In The Mix' Saturday 8pm (GMT) 3pm (EST) 12pm (PST) @ sonicstreamradio.net

    0:00   SAMY THIEBAULT - False Memories (Postlude)
    2:20   Manhattan Jazz Quintet - Come Together
    8:40   Rick Laird, Tom Grant, Joe Henderson, Ron Steen - Caribean Firedance
    13:00   Jacky Terrasson - Flying Easy
    18:00   Gal Costa - Pontos De Luz
    20:40   Lani Hall - Corrida De Jangada
    28:20   Bora Rokovic - JBW
    35:20   Sonny Red - Love Song
    41:20   石川 晶 と カウント・バッファローズ - スピーク・アンダー・マイ・ブレス
    1:01:40   Janko Nilovic - Xenos Cosmos
    1:13:00   Marc Mac - The Shot Still Echoes
    1:19:40   Chicago Underground Duo - Confliction
    1:30:40   Moutin Reunion Quartet - Blessed and Cursed
    1:34:40   Matthieu Donarier - La source
    1:49:20   Archie James Cavanaugh - Stay with Me
    1:54:00   Mike Lundy - Tropic Lightning
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