A warm welcome to our thirt..[#38] installment of SPACE VIEWX as on this Chapter we have one of the 'beings we consider the best , Hungary very own , 7mirror!

From the depth of our beings, we thank you very much for blessing us with your hospitality, time and kindness dear Sir.

Buckle up! Join us as we're about to VIEW the SPACE with 7mirror handling matters!

Caution : As a safety measure/precaution,helmet your skull for some space & science treat!!

Lend us your sense,bothered thoughts,twirled perspectives,allow us to erect who we are,convey,console your bothered thoughts to resound and reverberate your twirled perspectives through a Space Trip where we'll meditate,blend who we are with your sense , clutch,mount and assemble the resounds and reverbs through the cerebral,nourish your sense! Allow us..!! Lend us...!! We are Dub Techno.We Are SPACE VIEWX!

About 7mirror [Hungary]:

I was born in Hungary, but i spent many years in Netherland and in England too. Now i am back to the roots with 2 feet on my mother land and from musical aspect i also moved back to my main love, to the deep and meeningful house music. I produced for years at the field of dub techno genre which i loved and i still love it. However the only constant is change. I grew up on house and life travelled me back to it. Now my style somewhere between minimal – deep house - deep tech - dub tech – tech house. The freedom what this swimming means between these genres is very important for me, because i can project myself and all my sides can be shown in my sets. I am 36 now and i’ve learnt a very important lesson in these years: always be yourself with the biggest respect to yourself and to everything else around you. This is what i am doing now. This is the target where my sets are going towards, just simply an open perspective about electronic music for open minded people. It is a mission for a life time. I was happy to create something for Space ViewX and I really hope the listeners will enjoy my set even in that case if that 60mins of music is not only pure dubtechno. Respect Guys, keep up the good works and thanks again!

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    • Key: Bm
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