Greetings and Salutations.

As We Would Love To Take This Moment To Wish Our Fans And Followers A Splendid Year Ahead,We Love And Appreciate You All As You've Been With Us Through The Past Year, We Wholeheartedly Appreciate And Love You All.

A Warm Welcome To Our Tenth Installment Of SPACE VIEWX as on This Tenth Chapter We Have Quadrant Soundscape's Very Own, SCAVENGER!

Lend us your sense,bothered thoughts,twirled perspectives,allow us to erect who we are ,convey,console your bothered thoughts to resound and reverberate your twirled perspectives through a Space Trip where we'll meditate,blend who we are with your sense , clutch,mount and assemble the resounds and reverbs through the cerebral,nourish your sense! Allow us..!! Lend us...!! We are Dub Techno.We Are SPACE VIEWX!This Is How SCAVENGER Perspectifys The Space.


Wilson Logan is a Northern Irish DJ, part of DJ duo’s Quadrant Soundscape & Binary. Raised just outside Belfast, Wilson has been a music lover and collector since his early teens. ��Growing up on a cocktail of everything from classical music, Italian opera, blues, old school rock & roll , through to hip hop, reggae and eventually landing on electronic music, he has always had a passion for finding music and sharing it with whoever would listen.

Fast forward to 2008 and a move to Manchester for university, triggered what would become his obsession. Mixing records. ��As a DJ he plays a full range of sounds, from Dub Techno, Detroit and ambient , alongside Tommy Harrison aka Asphalt Layer, as part of their Quadrant Soundscape Project through to driving 135+ techno with Scottish DJ Lee Millar as DJ duo, Binary. Under the recently created alias of scavenger, Wilson explores deeper sounds across the full array of his musical tastes. �
Both projects have achieved success, with gigs across Manchester, London, Liverpool and Berlin, including the infamous Greissmuhle.

Most of Our SPACE Guests have laid a worry about our not operating Soundcloud site,we're trying our utmost best to overcome this situation, what we are all asking for ourselves is time and an understanding as we've also came to realize that we're sabotaging ourselves. We sincerely apologize.

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    Dub Techno
    • 118 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
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