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    Psychedelic Love Affair 2: Coeffulgence (Summer 2017 Iteration)256kbit/s

    Psychedelic Love Affair 2: Coeffulgence (Summer 2017 Iteration) by Jayson Spaceotter
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Coeffulgence: shining in radiant splendor, together. Born of the idea that our centers are connected, and that all beings co-evolve, despite surface seeming. See also: Immanence, radiance, interconnection.

Psychedelic Love Affair: a sensual, erotic, musical, psychedelic broadsides against the state of despair. A series of mixes and future parties, where you can dance, touch, undress, massage, make out, make love and basically do what you erotically want to, while suffused with psychedelic music. #mostlywarmweird

Thanks to Ben/Konifer and Lisa/ELLEM, Mark Lippert, Hanssen, Jenö, and Miles Mercer & Kinjo of Grounded...as well as ALWAYS to Erin O'Connor, Wesley Holmes, Kadeejah Streets, Night Train & Innerflight for inspirations, camaraderie and beloved interactions. Big love to all my radical faeries and burners as well.

(Based on my live set at Grounded's "All Due Respect" party at Woodsky's in Fremont, Seattle on June 25, 2017, with some embellishments.)

    4:00   Kruse & Neurnberg - The Brush
    8:20   Chus & Ceballos, Rafa Barrios - Now or Never (feat. Cari Golden)
    11:00   Sébastien Léger - Umbrella
    23:40   Various Artists - John Digweed Live in Brooklyn (Continuous Mix 1)
    29:00   Patrice Bäumel - Glutes
    32:40   John Tejada - Bim
    42:40   Evvol - Physical L.U.V
    43:20   Evvol - Physical L.U.V (Steffi Remix)
    45:40   Dast (Italy) - Ixor
    1:05:00   Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo - Senhor Doutor
    1:12:40   Slok - Funky Finger : Funky Finger
    1:18:00   &me - Cape Coast
    1:23:20   Jozef K - Unconcious Rebellion
    1:28:00   Deltawerk - Corridor
    1:35:20   John Tejada - Horizon To Horizon
    1:42:00   Komon & Will Saul - Harmonise
    1:48:20   Mungolian Jetset - Quintessential Trips To Bergen
    1:55:20   Don Carlos - Alone

    Electronica, Psychedelic, House, Techno, Tech House
    • Type: Mix
    • Fremont, Seattle, WA, United States
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