Profile description of soundmodel:

// Future music for future people.
// (with some nostalgic influences)

(note, current profile contains only unfinished demos or try-outs, ~500+ more in folders)

All material on this page is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (unless something else is mentioned in track comments)
(Art should be free, money is not meant to be made from enjoyment (done when others were perhaps not enjoying themselves). I don't produce music for income, but for enjoyment and for the sake of art)



Since this is "just my hobby", I work most tracks only up to a rough demo stage, which means that they may be missing length, parts, details, complete mixing. By this I try to avoid investing too much production time to something, which I'm not sure about deserves completion. So in order to gauge, what to complete, my idea is to ask for votes on tracks and the popularity would then decide, what tracks I will attempt to finish. This way also listeners will/would get the tracks that they want to hear. So it's a win-win situation.

So, if you like some demo and would like to hear it completed, then please leave a comment on the track saying so. I will utilize comments to gauge, which tracks to work further.

Some background:

Experimentality is not experimental for experimentalists.
Non-genre music.
Optional making sense.
See structures.
Frozen thought.
Implicit music.
Organization in chaos.
There's (almost) no objective in art, music.
Music has the right to people.
I dream my music.
Transcending ideas.
Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.
Creativity is endless source.

Gearlist or "technical palette" (for those interested, most stuff sees use, if not every time):

-Reason 9.5
-Reaper with Pro Tools 12 skin
-Sound Forge 11

-RME Multiface II
-Roland UA-M10
-Presonus DigiMax FS (ADAT Slave)

-Beyerdynamic T70P (main)
-Fostex 6031B x2

SW Synths:
-Reason Subtractor
-Omnisphere 2
-Air Hybrid 3
-Synapse Antidote
-Arturia Analog Lab 4
-Iris 2
-Stylus RMX
-NI Komplete 10
-SynthMaster 2
-U-he Repro
-CA Alchemy
-TAL BassLine

HW Synths:
-Symbolic Sound Kyma Capybara-320, Kyma 7

-NI Solid Series
-elysia mpressor (plug-in)
-Lindell 7x-500 (plug-in)
-Lindell TE-100 (plug-in)
-Klanghelm MJUC
-Flux Pure Compressor
-Melda Production Free Bundle
-TDR Nova
-TDR SlickEQ
-TDR Kotelnikov
-Analog Obsession Fetish
-Audio Damage Rough Rider 2
-Acqua TAN
-Overloud EQ550
-Waves MaxxVolume
-Eventide EQuivocate
-ToneBoosters BusTools
-Eventide UltraChannel
-McDSP 6050
-airwindows plug-ins
-Nebula 3
-Behringer MDX2600 (hardware)
-BBE MaxCom (hardware)

Transient shapers:
-Flux Bitter Sweet
-Neutron Elements
-Eventide UltraChannel

-Reason Scream 4
-Klanghelm SDRR 2
-Waves NLS
-Black Rooster VPRE-73
-TH3 Full
-airwindows plug-ins
-Melda Production MWaveFolder
-Nebula 3
-Black Rooster Magnetite
-McDSP 6050
-Looptrotter SA2RATE (hardware)
-S.M.I.L.E. Blaster (hardware)
-Modded Marantz cassette recorder

-Reason RV-7
-Reason RV-7000
-Reason The Echo
-NI Reaktor 6
-Reason Synchronous
-Reason Alligator
-Valhalla FreqEcho
-TH3 Full
-Melda Production Free Bundle
-Sonivox Vocalizer
-Alesis QuadraVerb (hardware)
-Lexicon Reflex (hardware)
-Boss SE-70 (hardware)

    Grain Techno, Intelligent Dance Music
    • 152 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • Jyväskylä, Finland
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