So whilst Trix and Mrs Trix are away on a rather fabulous holiday in the sunshine, I have been blessed with the keys to the Box of Trix show for a 2nd week. Regular listeners will know that this is a popular and long running show of many many years here on so I have some big shoes to fill ! Thank you Glenn Rix

The regular Box of Trix features will all be there, all from my #vinyl collection

💥 one from the Record Label of the week (this week it's Motown)
💥 a Street Sounds selection
💥 Old School soulful duo
💥 A couple of slow jamz in Smoochers Corner to finish.
💥 As well as loads of great disco, boogie, street soul, jazz funk and soulful house. I can't promise that there'll be any mixing though (Trix is a master at that of course).

Trix himself will be reading out the Box of Trix Roll Call, name checking all the regular listeners of the Box of Trix show .

    Stevie Wonder - Another Star
    Tommy Stewart - Riding High
    Tommy Stewart - Fulton County Line
    Rhythm Makers - Monterey
    La Pregunta - Shangri-La
    Savanna - I Can't Turn Away
    The Hudsons - Show Me You Care
    Eddie Palmieri - Spirit Of Love
    Sam Culley Band - Walk
    The L.A. Propinquity - That's Someone's U
    Reflex - Funny Situation
    Brief Encounter - Human
    Eramus Hall - Just Me 'N' You
    Ronn Matlock - I Can't Forget About You
    Bobby Womack - Give It Up
    Jean Wells - What Have I Got To Lose
    Marvin Gaye - I Wish It Would Rain
    Cathy Davis - Come Back Home
    Lew Kirton - Talk To Me
    Aleem - Get Loose
    Spirit Of Love - The Power Of Your Love
    Earl Young - Take 'Em In Prayer
    Aretha Franklin - You Send Me
    Heatwave - Always & Forever

    • 166 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Ipswich, United Kingdom
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