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    Dallas Observer mixtape #111: DJG

    Dallas Observer mixtape #111: DJG by SOS Dallas DJ Archive
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Observer Mix October 2016

Charles Wain- End titles (Last Wave OST) 
Moore/Majeure- Dawn of Primordial Life 
Antoni Maiovvi-Skin (Yellow OST) 
Muslimgauze- Milena Jesenka
Steve Roach-Ritual Continues 
Anthony Rother- Elixir of Life part ii
Heinrich Dressel- Wind Sighs down the Reef 
John Carpenter- Robots at the Factory (Season of the Witch OST) 
Francesco Clemente - Adriana e Leonora
Smackos-Preparations at Moosely Bay
Tim Krog-Gloom (Boogey Man OST)
Claudio Simonetti- Bloody Coins (Versace Murder OST)
Heinrich Dressel-Back to Ripa Grande
Tim Krog- Jake theme/Boogey Makes Strikes (Boogey Man OST)
Heinrich Dressel- Dawn from the top of the Hill
Sammy Osmo-Radar Bol 
John Carpenter- Darkness Begins (Prince of Darkness OST) 
Larry Heard- Faint Object Detection
Vercetti Technicolor- Tema di Kristin
Tangerine Dream- Charly the Kid (extended dub)
Dopplereffekt- Z-Boson
Harold Budd- The Room
TX Connect- Antonio Bay (unreleased mix)
Albert Kuningas- Pori 1969
Anthony Rother- Elixir of Life part ix 

    2:40   Steve Moore & Majeure - Dawn of Primordial Life
    9:00   Antoni Maiovvi - Skin
    19:40   Heinrich Dressel - Wind Sighs Down the Reef
    27:00   John Carpenter - Robots at the Factory
    36:20   Soundtrack / Cast Collection - Conquest
    39:00   Heinrich Dressel - Back To Ripa Grande
    55:40   John Carpenter - Darkness Begins
    58:20   Larry Heard - Faint Object Detection
    1:02:40   Vercetti Technicolor - Tema Di Kerstin
    1:22:20   Harold Budd - The Room
    1:35:40   Anthony Rother - Elixir of Life (Part 9)

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