Collection: Scapes Of Sound by SONICrider

Track: A Mother Out Of Control
Playtime: 9:29

Wonna see this sound:

Exploring Moog Mother 32 captured in the SONICriderSTUDIO: controlling the mother with external CV's

Parts of the journey can land in SONICrider tracks, soundscapes are visual art.

Used modules besite the Moog Mother:

  • Make Noise Wogglebug
  • Make Noise Maths
  • Pittsburgh Modular Mix Multi
  • Pittsburgh Modular LFO 2
  • Pittsburgh Outs
  • TipTop Audio BD909
  • TipTop Audio Hats909
  • Mutable Instruments Peaks

Set up & Patch info:

  • Intro sound "Make Noise Wogglebug"
  • Mix Wogglebrug & Moog via "Pittsburgh Modular MultiMix"
  • Drum/Rhythm = Beatstep Pro via CV to modulars
  • Drum sounds by "TipTop Audio" & "Mutable Instruments Peaks"
  • Pittsburg Modular LFO via attenuator (Pittsburgh Modular Multi Mix) to Moog Mix CV
  • Wogglebug audio to Moog Ext Audio
  • Ableton Push plays midi notes
  • "Make Noise Maths" CV's to Moog VCO lin FM / LFO rate / VCF res
  • Audio via "Pittsburgh Modular Outs" to UAD Apollo (Ableton as recorder)

Other gear:

  • Ableton Live & Push
  • UAD Apollo



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