Task at hand: Creating overworld music and chase music for the horror game "Miss Eyesore 1964" that fit the setting of an old Soviet prison. The game had to be developed in ten weeks, from idea to expo.
Solution: Overworld music: In an earlier project, I had learned that the absense of music created a mystical feeling. I wanted to recreate this, but with music. I wanted the music to go unnoticed, until it was gone. In the audio team, we decided that my music would consist of the nondiegetic ambience, and the sound designers would work on the diegetic ambience. The piece is built on a C+ chord played with a sampled choir instrument, at times using a bit of pitch modulation. Together with the sound designer Alexander Thambert, I recorded voices (a male voice on the lower brink of its vocal range and a female voice on the higher part of the vocal range) and a musical saw, and gained access to Thambert's recordings of dry ice on metal, and these recordings were modified using for example reverse and time stretch. I composed a few tonal components using virtual orchestral instruments. I also used a few of the recordings from the project choir. These sound files were imported into Fmod Studio and put into scatterer instruments, which followed the player and spawned sounds at random, following the progression in the Fmod Studio event.
Chase music: The main inspirational source for this piece was the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent (mainly the piece linked below). From this I borrowed the steady pace. I wanted to make the piece atonal. Some of it consists of me playing on my controller keyboard with all of my underarms.
Learnings: I learned the limitations of scatterer instruments in Fmod Studio and how to work around them. I also had a lot of fun experimenting. Looking back, I wish I had made a sidechain for the kick-drum in the chase music, and also that I hadn't been used as much high-cut on it.

Link to the game: snostormstudio.itch.io/miss-eyesore-1964
Link to Water monster chase music from Amnesia - The Dark Descent: youtube.com/watch?v=bkvyYD1p4Dk

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