Industrial hardcore set

    Doll Kylie - Does Smurf [GGM Raw]
    N-Vitral - Bunck [The Third Movement]
    Bartoch - Bad Mechanical [Vindicta]
    Peaky Pounder - Vasaran [The Third Movement]
    Moleculez - Bow To Me [Underground Society ]
    Al Twisted - Clownz [IST]
    Hectic Fence - Teenage Facelift [The Third Movement]
    Forksaken Is Dead - Mentally Transmitted Disease [Six Feet Underground]
    Promo feat Amok - Wide Awake [The Third Movement]
    Peaky Pounder - Miekan [The Third Movement]
    Razor Edge - Bleeding Tears [Provoke]
    Razor Edge - Pure Evil [DNA]
    Sandy Warez - Street Core [The Third Movement]
    DJ Inyoung & Static - Build The Future (Broken Rules Remix) [Terror Trax]
    Broken Rules - 8bit Racket [Altern Hate]
    Micron - Hurricane Charly [The Third Movement]
    Sandy Warez - Against The Facisim [Jasons Mask]
    Middle M - Last Home [Necro Society]
    Menace II Society Meets Catscan - Chronic Counter [Masters Of Hardcore]

    Hardcore, industrial
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