Originating in the British rave scene, the vocal-dance sensationalism of The Shamen was evident while being feverishly pumped from the DJ booths of early techno pioneers. Finding critical acclaim among the substantive corps of dance culture, they released En-Tact, their first major-label offering. Crossing electronic currents, the tracks come off hard with trance beats, soul stylings, rap-attack incantations, vocal duels, and snarling tones. Relying on the wired sounds of drum machines and sequencers, the rhythmic pulses push sound systems to their limit. Even though there's plenty of material to keep your body moving, traces of ethereal-ambient influence keep things heady enough for the chill-out room as well. For whichever space or state you may find, expect lucid bases to be covered.

The saddest thing about this album is that it was re-released in later years, once the band had "found fame" with Mr C's inane babbling, re-recorded with him spouting crap all over what WAS a seminal album. Originally an indie band, The Shamen steered in a different direction, going more experimental and towards dance culture, but with some ambient overtones, I still now find certain themes or melodies reminding me of En-Tact, and that's why it's here. This is the original album :)

1 Human NRG
Mixed By – Colin Shamen, Mark Angelo 3:23
2 Progen (Land Of Oz)
Mixed By – Paul Oakenfold
Rap – Mr C 4:07
3 Possible Worlds
Mixed By – Colin Shamen
, Ian Tregoning
4 Omega Amigo
Mixed By – Steve Osbourne 4:45
5 Hyperreal
Mixed By – Colin Shamen
, Ian Tregoning
Vocals – Plavka
6 Lightspan
Mixed By – Irresistible Force, Will Sin
7 Make It Mine V2.5
Acoustic Bass – Adrian Holder
Mixed By – Evil Ed Richards
Rap – Rhyme & Reason
8 Oxygen Restriction
Mixed By – Evil Ed Richards 3:48
9 Evil Is Even
Bass – Jah Wobble
Didgeridoo – Darren Millhouse
Mixed By – Mark Angelo
, Will Sin
10 Human NRG (Massey)
Mixed By – Graham Massey
11 Make It Mine V1.3 (Pirate Radio)
Mixed By – Colin Shamen, Ian Tregoning
12 Oxygen Reprise V2.0
Mixed By – Evil Ed Richards
13 Hear Me O My People (Orbital - Delays Expected)
Mixed By – Ian Tregoning, Orbital
Vocals – Boesak

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