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The Knights Of Red Mix #2

Andre Crom, Squence, Off Recordings
Nastia Reigel, Figures In Brine (Truncate Repaint), Credo
Hybrasil, AMS Neve, Bush Records
Hybrasil, Gort, Bush Records
Max Jahn, Sweet Tool, Broque
Edit Select, Loop Continue, Dreiklang Records
Frankyeffe, Crazy Man (The Advent vs Industrialyzer Remix), Riot Recordings
Binny, Resistance, Orbis Records
Template, Dewback (Raiz Mix), Invert Music
Servent, Belief Systems, Downstream Records
Myztical, Shifted Realities, Dowbfall Theory
Servent, Over Exposed, Downstream Records
Keikari, IIITA, Konstruktiv
Shkedul, ID71, Konstruktiv
Jose Rodriguez, Karma, Redlight Music
Hybrasil, Robot House, Bush Records
Christian Bonori, Blast Wave, Elektrotribe Records
Hybrasil, Malfunctioning Eddie, Bush Records
Frankyeffe, Dragonfly Flying (Client Stewart Remix), Riot Recordings
Christian Bonori, Raindow, Elektrotribe Records
Loris Frigau, Unruly Section Of A River, Innatural Records

    1:00   Andre Crom - Sequence
    6:40   Nastia Reigel - Figures In Brine (Truncate Repaint)
    7:40   Nastia Reigel - Figures In Brine - 1
    28:00   Frankyeffe - Crazy Man
    38:20   Template - Dewback
    1:10:00   Christian Bonori - Blast Wave
    1:24:40   Christian Bonori - Rainbow
    1:29:20   Loris Frigau - Unruly Section Of A River (Original Mix)

    Techno, Hard Techno, Dark Techno, Minimal Techno, Melodic Techno, Electronic
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Noncommercial
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