ok so last night i had a cold caller at the door trying to flog me overpriced celebrity chef recipe boxes; she asked if i did the household cooking i said 'not really' then she said she'd come back to talk to the person who does. i said no thanks we're not interested and she said

'how would you know, you don't do the cooking'

really judgmental and rude. i managed to keep quiet and shortly after she scampered off.

so that's the inspiration here:
the best doorbell is a silent doorbell.
i recorded my doorbell speaker being quiet. and done some processing in audition. what's actually captured is traffic and fireworks.

i think it'd be fun to have a doorbell that captures indoors sounds and is very difficult to work out that it's a doorbell.


Disquiet Junto Project 0253: Doorbell Rehab
Record some welcome music.

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