just made from this sample soundcloud.com/synkrotron/empt...tythedishwasher
for ambient online one sample dare 41.. join in here: ambientonline.org/forum/showth...33254#post33254

all done in audacity
track 1- wahwah, echo, reverse bouncing ball delay, levelled
track 2- reversed phaser echo
track 3- first 10 seconds track 1 paulstretchedx10, bassboost, eq'd then repeated and reversed
track 4- 2.00-2.10 track 1 paulstretched x10 repeated reversed
track 5- track 3 speeded up to 113.6%
track 6- track 5 speeded up to 113.6%

volumes and panning adjusted for all tracks. mixed down and normalized

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