oh i really tried to get this as the 777th track in the naviar haiku.. even held off uploading last night! oh well. [[edit: it is showing as the 777th track somehow, yay! edit edit: no it's back to 778. fucking soundcloud..why do i pay to use this terrible site?]]

found some beautiful sounding wind chimes at the weekend and they were marked up at the wrong price so got a right bargain

they've got a lovely cold mountain sound.. i just recorded gently moving the windcatcher and blowing it mistily!

added a duplicate layer, more blurred and low end for that lost feel


in the mist
lost on mountain
temple bells

DEADLINE: 6th July

Poem by Angelee Deodhar worldhaiku.net/poetry/eng/indi...r/a.deodhar.htm

Picture by Nonac_Digi flickr.com/photos/nonac_digi/1...s-105336072@N02

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