i prefer discord to chords. i thought i'd do e minor on guitar as i knew i could use all six strings, then i had the idea that i could cello samples of notes .. so imagine a cello with 6 strings in standard guitar tuning (maybe this exists). i love the cello so if someone wants to send me a spare one..?

philharmonia.co.uk/explore/make_music is a fantastic repository of free samples, easily searchable by pitch, dynamic, articulation etc. i got e2, b2, e3, g3, b3, e4.. think that's e minor

then simply paulstretched each note x180 and recorded in audacity. had a few practice runs as it was hard to get some of the notes to come in gradually, and get the feel right. i was gonna add more fx but it didnt need it.

only problem with that website is everythings in mono so the mix sounded quite muddy. i just used the haas effect to get that fake stereo effect .. seemed to do the trick.

. . .

Disquiet Junto Project 0227: Treated Chord
Record a piece of music in which what changes is the treatment of the notes that comprise a single chord.

Step 1: Choose a chord, any chord.

Step 2: Make a list of the notes that the chord is comprised of.

Step 3: Record each of the notes of the chord as a separate track.

Step 4: Create a piece of music in which each of those tracks plays from start to finish, and that as they play those tracks are manipulated individually (echo, texture, effects, relative volume, etc.).

Background: This project is inspired by the tape-cassette music of Amulets, aka Randall Taylor of Austin, Texas.

Deadline: This project was posted in the afternoon, California time, on Thursday, May 5, 2016, with a deadline of 11:59pm wherever you are on Monday, May 9, 2016.

Length: The length is up to you, though between one and three minutes feels about right.

Upload: Please when posting your track on SoundCloud, only upload one track for this project, and be sure to include a description of your process in planning, composing, and recording it. This description is an essential element of the communicative process inherent in the Disquiet Junto. Photos, video, and lists of equipment are always appreciated.

Title/Tag: When adding your track to the Disquiet Junto group on Soundcloud.com, please in the title to your track include the term “disquiet0227.” Also use “disquiet0227” as a tag for your track.

Download: It is preferable that your track is set as downloadable, and that it allows for attributed remixing (i.e., a Creative Commons license permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution).

Linking: When posting the track, please be sure to include this information:

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