i turned the poem on it's head-
the prayer is a deserate plea
the hum is a constant repetitive noise
the fan, opressive:
the pointless movement of warm air

silent prayer—
the quiet humming
of the ceiling fan

DEADLINE: 23rd November

Poem by Lee Gurga brooksbookshaiku.com/haikupoet...oets/gurga.html

Picture by Dustin Larimer flic.kr/p/dCgjvL


  • Make music in response to the assigned haiku.
  • If you're a Soundcloud user, upload the track on Soundcloud and message me privately with the track's URL; alternatively you can send me your composition directly via Dropbox
  • Include the assignment number in the title of your track - “Title of your track (naviarhaiku150)”

Please use a Creative Commons license for your track and set it as downloadable should you wish to be included in the podcasts.

For more information visit naviarrecords.com/about/naviar-haiku

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