Profile description of Sean Ocean:

SF Bay Area/Oakland based tekno head and artschool drop out. I'm Sean Ocean, I've been DJing in the Bay Area Techno underground for over 17 years, throwing techno parties and undergrounds with my soundsystem on and off for about 14. These are my tracks, loose sketches, loops and sounds I either make on my gear live or with the inclusion of logic pro as a sort of spit polish.. I mostly use this as my public sketchbook... some of it is just mindless noodling, and some of it is dope. But altogether the tracks I make are really fun to put together. I hope you like them as much as I liked making them.
Props to my dear friends and inspiration: Andy W, STML, and Luna
Peace, love and unity through techno music and the hypnotic groove worldwide. ♥

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