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all sets/mixes/whatever,are never planned after 14 years of not even going near any sort of decks and entering the world of software which actually has alot of potential for creativity leaving behind the grind of the turntable long gone belt drive (half second delay lol) industry standard direct drive,stanton stylus,kaos pads (never bothered much with mine usually to cover up bad mixes).after long time not thinking of any tunes djs or mixing (kids took over) im glad i made the choice to put some time bak into it like being a kid again well the smile it brings makes it worth while even bying records used to be a day out consisting of my other half leaving me and coming bak a few hours later to have only 3 records most i could spend hours without all sets are a working progress as i build up on new tech for the job (some sets have been done via the mouse)im no more than a beginner with ample room for improvement.

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