This week we are hosting Saso Recyd...with a live mix recorded on 24.08.2014 at Bar Jagoda, Akto9 festival, City Bitola, Macedonia.
Saso Recyd born in Bitola Macedonia has been working hard on developing his own distinguishable sound, which is coming along with phenomenal success.
The invigorating freshness and the mighty sophistication his sound bears makes Recyd one of the few genuine entertainers who stirs up the dance floor with relative ease.
His dynamic, urban and special vibe creating sound bridges generation gaps whereas compelling, mind blowing and highly imaginative, yet beautifully simple mixing continually raises the bar and makes you want more.
As a natural perfectionist and a dedicated hard worker, he keeps on producing mesmerizing music. More on

Track list:

Art Alfie Mr Tophat - Ressles Room (Original Mix) [Bass Culture Records]
Makam - Freakin Sex (Original Mix) [Amulett]
Josh Butler - Situation (dub) [Cajual Records]
Literon - Freak Funktion (Original Mix) [Clone Basement Series]
George Morel - Are you tripping (Morel stripped mix) [Groove On]
Paul Strive - Take this sound (Original Mix) [Octopus Recordings]
Elay Lazutkin - Away (Original Mix) [Groovant Music]
Jayforce - Talkin Dirty (Original Mix) [Groovant Music]
D-unity - Codes (Original Mix) [Groovant Music]
D-unity - Reset (Original Mix) [Panterre Musique]
Dubspeeka - Spiral Tribe (Original Mix) [Senso Sounds]
The Junkies - Dance For Me (Original Mix) [Mood]
Traumer - Hoodlum (Original Mix) [Desolat]
Fabio Florido - Be you (Original Mix) [Minus]
Matt Sassari (Promo)
Stiv Hey - Breakage (Original Mix) [refused.]
Maceo Plex - Conjure sex (Original Mix) [Minus]
Whyt Noyz - Jingles (Original Mix) [Minus]
Moderat - Bad Kingdom - (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [50 Weapons]
Makam - Loleatta (Original Mix) [Amulett]
The Junkies - Angst (Original Mix) [Mood]
Saso Recyd - Nothing Nowhere (Original Mix) [Local music]
Regal - Signal (Original Mix) [Enemy]
Tripmastaz - Tomzwork (Carlo Lio Remix) [I'm A House Gangster]

    20:40   Paul Strive - Take this Sound
    27:40   Elay Lazutkin - Away - Original Mix
    34:20   D-Unity - Codes
    53:00   Traumer - Dedust - Continuous Mix
    1:38:40   Tripmastaz - TomzWork

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