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Neelz On Wheelz & Beat Baerbl sind zum 6. Mal auf dem Ball der einsamen Herzen & Parkett der flotten H├╝ften unterwegs

In der Jukebox:

The Gay Poppers - I Want To Know
Titus Turner - Hungry Man
Chuck Miller - Baltimore Jones
Connie Christmas - Big Chief
The 5 Royales - Catch That Teardrop
Young Jessie - Big Chief
The Wanderers - Shadrach...
Laurie London - Joshua
Mike Pedicin Quintet - The Dickie Doo
Otto Bash - All I Can Do
The Four Tophatters - One Arabian Night
Betty Dubois - Russian Rocka Bossa
David Hill - Wild Child
Big Maybelle - I've Got A Feeling
Bobby Bland - Honey Child
James Hunter Six - Stranded
Eartha Kitt - The Heel
Rudy Moore - I'll Be Home...
Baby Jane - My Boy John
Berry Window & His Movements - Rock Locomotion
The Johnny Otis Show - Casting My Spell

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    1:00   Gay Poppers - I Want to Know
    9:40   Connie Christmas - Big Chief
    11:20   The 5 Royales - Catch That Teardrop
    14:20   Young Jessie - Big Chief (King of Love)
    20:20   Laurie London - Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
    26:40   Otto Bash - All I Can Do Is Cry
    37:00   Big Maybelle - I've Got a Feeling
    41:20   The James Hunter Six - Stranded
    44:40   Eartha Kitt - The Heel
    53:00   Barry Window - Rock Locomotion
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    Radioshow, Popcorn, Rhythm & Blues, Northern Soul, Soul, Jump Blues, Vinyl, Vinyl Only, Sixties, 60s
    • Release Date: 11/09/2017 4:00 PM
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