I like this one, even though there’s not a lot to it musically. Mix wise, there’s tons going on. Four rhythm guitar tracks, five vocal tracks, four lead guitar tracks, and (really) two drum tracks. Oh yeah, and one lonely bass guitar.

I like using the old trope of having the instruments come in one at a time the way this does. I’m sure I use it too often, but (as I have said 10000000 times before) what can you do?

Okay, the guitars… let’s see. Everything was a Gibson ES-335, each part used both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. Pedals… The not quite cleanish rhythm used an MXR Phase 90 and a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter. The heavier parts in the choruses used the Black Lives Matter with a Klon KTR. For leads, the first half of the solo, the heavier part, is the Klon KTR and Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter again while the cleaner second half is a Dunlop Crybaby (the Bonamassa signature version) and the Klon KTR… and that’s a lot of pedals. All of the reverb and delay were GarageBand plugins that were added in the mix.

We still could make it through

Could you take a chance
take a chance on me
Would you take a risk
take a risk lets see

Verse 1 and 2
if there were some way around this
some way to get through the worst of things
could you imagine the future
would I be part of it

its like we went in with eyes closed
and never saw what was coming on
and when the worst was upon us
we still could make it through

Verse 3
And if there isn’t a way out
and if the future’s a mystery
it doesn’t make any difference
we still could make it through

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    • 125 bpm
    • Key: G
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