Not sure of the mix on this one. I thought about putting a flanger onto the bass when it’s the only thing playing in the middle of the song. I still might go back and do it.

The guitars are all Gibson ES-335 and the amps are all Fender Bassbreaker 15 and a Vox AC15. The pedals on the rhythm parts are a Dunlop Crybaby and a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter. The leads used a Wren and Cuff Tri Pi ’70 and a Klon KTR.

There’s nothing like this anywhere else
There’s nothing like this anywhere

Verse 1
to feel this way
some other day

Verse 2 & 3
A given
this state of things
No knowing
what it could bring

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    • 134 bpm
    • Key: A
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