I like the melody on this one, and the vocal harmonies work pretty well. It could have benefitted from a competent singer, but I didn’t do too much harm. Back in February during the RPM Challenge/FAWM I did a lot of messing with GarageBand percussionists instead of drummers. This is the first time since then and I don’t hate it. I mean… it’s not too lame at least.

The guitars are all Gibson ES-335 Pro through both a Fender Bassbreaker 15 and a Vox AC15. The rhythm used a Ryra The Klone pedal and the leads used an MXR Uni-vibe (blame Tommy Bolin) and a Klon KTR.

I can feel it coming right after me
I can tell it’s gonna be bad you’ll see
I can feel, I can tell
I can feel it coming right after me

Verse 1
It’s the way you look at me
something there, in your eyes
sort of how you seem to see
everything that’s wrong

Verse 2
You give me a sense of ease
that’s not there, it’s not real
everything that seems to be
everything you feel

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    • 111 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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