The first song completed for the second round of re-recorded Quarantine Tunes. This one was written on the last day of the 2016 RPM Challenge. I had written a bunch of songs saying that people who think the Earth is flat are somehow defective and someone actually told me I was being closed minded. Oh, did I offend you? Tough!

This is fun from a guitar stand point because I doubled the rhythm guitar parts, and each of the two takes was through two amplifiers so I have four tracks of rhythm guitars and when you stick ‘em all together it sounds HUGE!! So much so that I kept backing them off in the mix out of fear I was going to get carried away and just drown everything else out. In the end, I might have over done it. I’m not sure yet.

All of the guitar parts, lead and rhythm are Gibson ES-335 Pro through a Dunlop Crybaby Wah, a Klon KTR, a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter, and both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15.


It looks like I offended you
That wasn’t what I set out to do
but when we get down to it
I don’t really care

Just doesn’t matter
Just don’t care

I don’t care at all
I just don’t care

verse 1

you say
I’ve got it wrong
you say
you knew all along
you know
the way it works
you know
all the right words

Verse 2

you think
that I care at all
you think
that I’m being small
I think
you waste my time
I think
that’s well and fine


I say what I feel
I say what I mean
If you Don’t like it
Don’t listen

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    • 130 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
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