• Richard Tovey
    Winter Chill Part VI - LessFences

    #1 Winter Chill Part VI - LessFences by Richard Tovey
    Breathtaking start! This is gonna be goooood!Exceptional Just hereAah! Lovely choice to include!ahh mate...just when i thought it couldn't get any better...love this track...beautiful vocals :-)Cheat beats! Seriously though, lovely mix. Tune!
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I am very honoured to be part of this mix series that includes mixes by some of my favourite DJ's.
My contribution starts of very softly and piano lead, around half way you will start to hear the vocal tracks where I think it was around the time I felt spaced out just from listening as I mixed! The
The concept came from Mark Mcleod and Andy Pye, the idea being to put a mix together of beatless ambient chilled tracks. (I may have cheated the beatless bit with one track near the end, shhh)
I hope you enjoy my selection and please visit the rest of the series as it really is fantastic.

The other contributing DJ's for the series are: Mixamorphosis, Balearic Social, Matthew Foord, George Mihaly and Original Gidman.

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    0:00   Deuter - Morning Birds
    9:40   Shastro & Nadama - Gift Of Light
    18:40   Express Rising - Daniel Fern
    29:40   Jeff Grace - End Titles
    30:40   M83 - The Highest Journey
    38:40   Faithless - Crazy English Summer
    41:40   Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now
    49:40   The Cinematic Orchestra - Talking About Freedom
    54:00   Bloc Party - The Pioneers
    58:00   Massive Attack - Live With Me (Stripped Back)

    Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, Piano
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