I decided to add drum and bass to the sound, now it sounds more complete and powerful

Before i go

Before i go i want to see the sun go down
as if a light goes out and darkness surrounds me
Before i go i wish to meet you in the rain
to feel the tears of heaven run down on my skin

Before i leave this battlefield i wish you peace
although i know it will be hard to find in these days
Before i leave my friends out there just let me say
All the memories we shared it will be saved....somewhere

No worries....everything is fine the way it is
No excuses....we can`t turn back the wheel of time
No more lies... spoken to see you happy
Always knowing, it was meant to set a sign.....for the Love

Before i go i want to thank my enemies
you teached me holding back all unnecessary tears
Before i go i wish my music still will stay
And all the words and thoughts will never washed away

Before i go i want to make sure that all is said
every single word of love is worth to spread
Before i go i want to make sure and let you know
Everything was meant that way and did let us grow

No worries....it was all part of a plan
No regret....it was right because we did the best we could
No word....was never ever said in vain but
Nothing could ever stop the pain

The last word on my lips before i go
should be the one i always had in mind (you know)
It is no secret as my soul will rise above
that all I wanted to find and share was pure Love

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