This song is in solidarity with the occupied Hambach Forest in Germany, which is currently being evicted by police before cutting season begins.
Since 1978, the company RWE has been destroying more of the forest every year to expand one of three massive open cast brown coal mines in the region, one of the biggest CO2 emitters in Europe. The world is burning for our carbon fumes, this issue starts for us here in Hambach but has implications for the whole world. Its all connected.
People have been occupying since over 6 years to hinder the destruction. Let’s make a big resistance this year to save what’s left of the forest, and to stop this profit-crazed coal rush.
RWE have promised in court not to cut til October 14th. However, they've already cut hundreds of trees during eviction, also outside of eviction area.
As many people as possible are needed to come to join the defense of the forest, climb up in the trees, support from the ground, act in solidarity elsewhere and stop them from cutting the trees.
You’ll find the latest news, and upcoming events and ways to help, at

Some dates:
Right now the skillsharing camp is taking place, that will end on 3rd October.
The next forest walk will be this Sunday 30th September.
There will be a big demo on 6 October
An Ende Gelaende mass action will take place between 25th-29th October (more info at ).
Aktion Unterholz contributes to the resistance with civil disobedience

If you want to get rid of some money for a good cause, you can donate to Hambach Forest occupation

I’d like to tell the story of a forest that I know
And many a forest season, sunshine rain or snow
Of the brave folks that live there to stop the giant hole
To save the ancient forest from the cruel chainsaw blow
The trees are full of life but they want to cut them low
But we won’t let that happen, because they’ve got to grow
Got to let the forest grow if we want to live any more
The seeds that we sow go further than we know.

CHORUS1: It’s not over, it’s not over
The forest is growing on
So stand by your tree,
Stop their foul machines from coming
For our home, it’s not over.

The forest is being ripped up for the coal under it’s roots
So six years ago folks came down to defend what’s good
They built up treehouses, tunnels and nets
Lived within this wondrous forest the whole summer long yet
As Autumn turned to Winter the police came to evict
After four long days we lost that brave fight
But we didn’t give up our courage and leave the forest alone
Before very long we’d a meadow for a home.

CHORUS2: We are growing, we are growing
The forest is growing strong
So stand by your tree
Stop their foul machines from coming
For our home, it’s not over.

Soon new treehouses were built and the cops again come / to evict them but the struggle goes on
Banners rise up, shining in the sun / and in the night pixies make mischief and run!
Since so long the forest has been shrinking every year / I can’t disguise the sorrow in my tears
I can’t hide the rage that I feel / They’re coming back to cut again it’s time to act here
and now it’s the time to come / in numbers to Hambach forest and stay strong as one
And who can’t come down, still do what they can / To stop the eviction and the destruction.

CHORUS3: Hambach’s growing, forest’s growing
Hambach forest is growing strong
So stand by your trees, stop their foul machines from coming
For our home, it’s not over.

The company is called RWE / They want to cut the forest for their coal energy
Giant open cast mines in the west of Germany / They’d sacrifice our world for profit and greed
They’ve been given the protection of the state police
Who work hand in hand with the private security
Their violence is legal but they call it criminality
When you come down to the forest and stand by your tree.

CHORUS4: We are growing, we are growing / And our hearts are raging strong
So stand by your tree, come from far and near
To Hambach Forest, we are growing.

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